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We have raised fund of
and we need
for the next five years (2021-2026)

Who We Are


We Started about two years and 9months .We currently have over 581 kids manned by 15 teaching staff and two support staff.Numeracy proficiency at primary level of Uganda's Education System is below average,about 40.15 %. This implies that numeracy and literacy skills are so lacking due to limited exposure to reading materials in early stages.Therefore,our focal emphasis is on Quality Education at primary level that ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

We targert to put up facilities to accommodate about 2000 kids in next three to seven years.We have refined such a set to improve on literacy and numeracy skills by establishing a vibrant nursery section will required learming aids to train kids who in turn will join our main stream Primry level.


‘’To be a centre of academic excellence in providing basic primary education to the rural child of Sembabule District with a blend of Technology.’’


‘’To provide an inclusive basic primary Education and raise a holistic child.’’

Child Care Center

We have refined our strategies to improve on literacy and numeracy skills by establishing a vibrant Nursery Section which requires learning aids to train kids who in turn will join our main stream Primry level.

Education Facilities

We targert to put up facilities to accommodate about 2000 kids in next four to ten years,We have refined such a set to improve on literacy and numeracy skills.

Physical Growth

We ensure that our kids attain quality basic education & this will reduce on the number of Drop outs,Violence,Child labor and early Child Marriages among others.

Smart Agriculture For Our School Parents.

The agriculture sector is a key to overall economic growth and development of Uganda. The sector contributes 20.9 percent of the National Gross Domestic Product and 80 percent of the export earnings. Real growth in agricultural output has declined steadily, from 7.9 percent in 2000/01 to 0.7 percent in 2007/08 (although it did show signs of recovery in 2008/09, with a 2.6 percent growth rate). Agricultural production has increased over the years and this increase is attributed to area expansion rather than increase in productivity with over 95% of the farmers being smallholders with landholdings averaging 2 ha.

The country has a total area of 241,551 km2 of which about 30% is highly degraded. Available data between 1999 and 2006 indicate that trends of the major crops showed positive increases for cereals (maize, millet, rice and sorghum), beans and simsim, while there has been a significant decline noted for root crops (cassava, Irish and sweet potatoes) as well as export crops (coffee and cotton). The livestock census of UBOS (2009) showed that total cattle ownership increased by 54% since 2005, showing an increasing trend of livestock integration into the farming systems.

Agriculture is the sector most vulnerable to climate change due to its high dependence on climate and weather. Climate projections show that agriculture systems will suffer with climate change, thus, threatening food production systems and therefore the livelihoods and food security of millions of people, especially women who depend on agriculture. Consistent warming trends and more frequent and intense extreme weather events, particularly droughts and floods have been observed across the country in recent decades. In line with these trends, climate change scenarios consistently project temperature increases across the region, which will require farmers to adapt to changing conditions.

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Tree Plantation part of our Smart Agriculture
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Combating climate change in our Community
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Crop growing into Our tree plantation System.

Therefore,as CurtinChildLearningCente,we currently training farmers(parents), modernised approaches which helps to guide actions needed to transform and reorient agricultural systems to effectively support development and ensure food security in a changing climate in their Communities.And thus,improving livelihoods through resilient farming practices,as well as diversifying crop yields, incomes and diets with sustainable farming methods and are increasing resilience to climate change.


Our school currently serves over 581 kids as at end year 2019 ,from Nursery to Primary five.These kids are manned by a team of 15 teachers and two support staff.This implies we have so far created 15 direct job opportunities and about 50 indirect jobs ranging from our teachers employing house helps in their respective homes, other come from our parteners who supply the school with stationery, maize floor and firewood among others.At community level, if every kid at our school is a representative of five community members in terms of impact, It implies that over 2900 lives have indireclty benifted from having a school in their reach.

Since our target is to have a school population of 2000 kids in next four to ten years, We have designed a five year Master plan that requires us to set up facilitites like , Computer lab with about 50 desk top computers, Purchase of more resource books for both kids and teachers, Purchase of about 500 school desks ( four seater)Structures for a seperate nursery section,Admnistration block, Boarding section to accommodate kids from distant areas.

Five year strategic plan that requires us to set up more Educational Facilities and/or Infrastructure(2021-2026)

Computer lab with desktop computers

50 Desktop Computers

Annual Purchase of Resource books for both kids and teachers

85% of Resource Books to be provided

A four class Room Structure for a nursery section

Administration Block

For teaching staff and at 98% will be our target achievement

Nursery Section

At 90% is our target achievement

Swimming Pool and School Van

For teaching staff and at 98% will be our target achievement

Boarding Section

To accommodate kids from distant areas and at 90% is our target

Note:The school van will ease movement of kids within a radius of 3-4kms who may not afford boarding fees contribution, and boarding section will cater for those from distant areas.

Support us to Raise our Budget

Total Planned Budget is $60,000

$5000 Amount raised till date

We appeal to all well wishers to come & support our school financially and in kind
( Items like school desks,Resource books and computers are welcome).

Donate and Stand with us to @Curtin Child Learning Center(CLICCS).

Hear From the CurtinChild Community

Our Objectives

Since our focus is on child care, education, empowerment and skills development. Our objectives include.

  • To provide an education for self-development through a seven year level completion for each kid.
  • To attain target school population of 2000 kids within the next four to ten years.
  • To Set up boarding facilities to cater for distant kids & upper classes by 2022 & accommodate at least 200 kids.
  • To Set up an independent nursery section by 2023 separate from main stream Primary.
  • To enhance physical, intellectual and aesthetic development of the child.
Curtin Child Community Nature

Dr.Muhereza Innocent ,School Patron

  • I was impressed by the acumen & Zeal that Augustus Kagyene has put in to establish this school to ensure rural Kids have access to basic Quality Education. I must say my efforts to complete a doctorate at Curtin University in three years worked as a Cornerstone towards the School name" As his mentor, I endeavor to give all the support I can to ensure sustainable progress &Provision of Inclusive Education to the rural Kids"
At Curtin University Nature

Dr.Muhereza Innocent ,School Patron

  • Augustus kagyene takes a photo at school premises while holding a portrait of Dr.Muhereza Innocent (gifted by Jesse Collins,a family friend & Australian based Artist).

School Director ,Augustus Kagyene with Dr.Muhereza Innocent. Nature

Take Action

If you want to join us as a volunteer,fundraiser or you want to know more about Us, please don't hesitate to fill the form below.And we shall get back to you as soon as possible


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