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Who We Are

Given the limited number of Government aided schools in Sembabule District, like any remote part of the country, literacy and numeracy levels are still below average, about 40.15 %. Curtin Child Learning Center(CLICCS) opened its gates in 2017 to close the gap for the rural children of peasantry parents.

Our school is set to provide for ongoing improvements of school facilities & for equal access to all kids at our school. We rely on the generous assistance from our local & international community to ensure we can continue to provide an outstanding education for all pupils and extend these opportunities to those children who would otherwise not be so fortunate.

In 2016, Augustus Kagyene, in order to see his vision of establishing a primary school to serve the rural kids of the peasantry parents come to maturity, a piece of land was bought (1 acre) from personal savings. In the same year a five classroom block was set and by Jan 2017 a school with an incomplete but habitable structure began its operation with about 150 kids from nursery to Primary 3, We currently serve over 500 kids from nursery to primary Section school.

All that Kids enjoy today, our heritage and modern facilities, our academic success and our innovative teaching methods and/or programs was made possible thanks to individuals and organizations in our operations who believed in our School and contributed towards ensuring its future is stable.

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Director of the School/Founder 2017

Augustus Kagyene, a social Entrepreneur, is both a Primary Teacher and a graduate of Economics with over 5 years of classroom Teaching and/or Learning processes. Born in a peasantry family of 5 children and with limited nearby schools in late 1990’s, he spent a tremendous amount of time to access a nearby school (about 14Kms in total, to and from school).

He is school founder and has mobilized resources for the school amounting to over $20,000 (in kind and Financial “It was a challenge for me and other fellow kids to walk such a distance and it would impact our overall performance . Out of love for Education, I enrolled for a Teachers certificate from 2003-2005 at Bushenyi Primary Teacher’s college. This would be a catalyst for me to set up a school to serve rural kids in a reasonable and/or walkable distance not beyond 4 Kms in total (to and from school). Whereas the vision was conceived in 2005 after Training as a Teacher, It materialized in 2017 due to resource constraint , but with commitment , financial discipline , from 2014 to 2016, having secured a formal job , I devoted all my savings to secure land and a first block of five classrooms was put up and it gave us an upper hand to open for Term one in 2017 for nursery up to Primary 4.We have never looked back since then. Our school believes in early childhood education as a cornerstone to mainstream primary school for all kids. We strive to ensure toddlers in that section are given maximum attention to develop their cognitive and social skills”

He is a team player with solid interpersonal skills gained through working as Leader and various trainings.

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